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    Online first articles have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
    Experimental Study on Compressive Strength and Fatigue Behavior of Cement-Stabilized Permeable Recycled Aggregate Materials
    Investigating Mechanisms of Porous Structure of Steel Slag Affecting Low-temperature Crack Resistance of Asphalt Mixture
    Visual Experimental Study on Condensation Process in Closed Space With Boiling and Condensation Coexistence
    Consideration of Individual Heterogeneity Inactivity Participation Intention Choice Behavior of Planned Special Events
    Experimental Study on Cyclic Shear of High Strength Bolted Slip-Critical Connection of Sandblasted Steel Plate
    A Structure-aware Segmentation Model for Hepatic Vessel
    Online Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition Based on Dual-mode Encoder-decoder Framework
    Optimization Learning Algorithm Based on Hybrid Bilevel Self-organizing Radial Basis Function Neural Network
    Image Recognition Model Based on Multivariate Feature Heterogeneous Ensemble Deep Learning With Its Application
    Mobile Video Perceptual Quality Assessment Model with ResNet-TSM and BiGRU Network
    Effect of Soft Breakdown on the Performances of Voltage-controlled Magnetic Anisotropy Magnetic Tunnel Junction and Its Reading Circuits
    TiB2 Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composites Prepared by Rapid Solidification and Hot Extrusion
    Development of Odour Fingerprints Based on Odor Navigation Monitoring——Taking a Petrochemical Enterprise as an Example
    Strengthening Biotrickling Technology for Deep Treatment of Odor Gas in Large Urban Sewage Treatment Plants
    Influence of pH on the Performance and Microbial Community Structure of Bio-desulfurization System
    Hierarchical Analysis of the Odor Pollution Characteristics in a Decommissioned Organophosphorus Pesticide Factory
    Characterisation of Aldehydes and Ketones Emission From A/O Process WTTP and Risk Evaluation
    Distribution Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Enterobacteriaceae Loaded by Size-segregated Bioaerosols From Wastewater Treatment Plants
    Characterization of Bioaerosol Distribution in Ambient air with Different Toilettoileting Practices
    Spatial-temporal Distribution and Health Risks of Bioaerosols in Typical Urban Sewage Treatment Plant
    Traceability, Ozone Formation Potential and Risk Assessment of Odor Pollution in a Residential Area of Shanghai
    Research Progress on Microbial Aerosol Control Technology in Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants
    Causes, Challenges and Control Strategies of Urban Odor Pollution
    Effect of Different Pretreatment Methods on Disruption Rate of Excess Sludge
    Optimization Design of Snowboard of Ski Jumping With Bionic Lattice Structure
    Macroscopic and Microscopic Mechanisms of Low-Temperature Crack Resistance of Hot Mix Asphalt with High Content of Rejuvenated RAP
    Temperature Simulation of Steel Slag Asphalt Mixture During Microwave Heating and Cooling Process Based on Three-Dimensional Random Aggregates
    Assessment of the Comprehensive Benefit of Pavement Maintenance Measures Considering Resource Scarcity Based on Life-Cycle Cost
    Assessment of Air Void Distribution of Rutted Asphalt Mixtures Using X-ray CT Technology
    Reflective Crack Propagation of Reclaimed Composite Pavement Based on XFEM
    Optimization of Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicles with Large Transmission Distance
    Optimization of Anti-Rutting of Asphalt Mixtures Based on Plastic Activation Energy
    Void-Underneath Detection and Localization of Concrete Pavement Using Transmissibility Function Analysis
    Recycling of Waste Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) and the Properties of GFRP Reinforced Bitumen

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