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    Bipolar Charge Plasma Transistor for High Gain and High Breakdown Performance
    Mobile Phone Surface Defects Recognition Method Based on Multi-scale Convolution Neural Networks
    Comparison of Self-consistent Method and Mori Tanaka Method for Predicting Cement Paste Creep
    Extraction of Decision Association Rules for Bridge Damage State Based on DRSA and CART
    Seismic Behavior Tests of Centrifugal Circular Hollow Segmental RC Column With Flange Connection
    Macroscopic and Microscopic Mechanisms of Low-temperature Crack Resistance of Hot Mix Asphalt With High Content of Rejuvenated RAP
    Optimization of Flow Channel Size of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
    Differential Impact of Agricultural and Vehicular Ammonia Emissions on Atmospheric PM2.5 in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei
    Preparation of a MOF-based Mixed Matrix Membrane and Its Nanofiltration Performance
    New Progress in the Preparation and Application of Biomass Carbon Materials
    Industrial Internet for Green and Low Carbon: Developments and Challenges

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