Chinese-style Green Modernization: Review and Outlook
    Bourdieu's Ritual Mystery: Analysis Based on Time Factors
    Differences and Quantitative Evaluation of Intergovernmental Overall Emergency Plans——Comparative Analysis Based on the Texts of 29 Provincial Plans
    Promoting the Modernization of Local Government Governance from the Perspective of Democratic Administration: Value Implications, Practical Dilemmas and Implementation Directions
    On the Value of Dedication Research from the Perspective of Inter-Construction between Individual & Organization
    The Digital Economy Empowers A Better Path for Platform Terms and Regulations in Chinese Modernization
    Impact of Low-carbon City Construction on the Coordination of Energy Production and Consumption Coupling in China
    Philosophical Issues in Concept Change, Paradigm Change and Self-proof of Discourse Logic: Intellectual Confusion, Discrimination and Value Identification Based on the Logic of the Times
    Practice and Exploration of the Internationalization of Chinese Corporations in the New Era: Studies Based on the Case of HBIS Group as a New Latecomer Firm
    Regional Economic Cooperation and Free Trade Area Strategy of the "Belt and Road"
    Research on the China-ASEAN Digital Trade Development Under the Framework of the Digital Belt and Road Initiative
    International Practice of Integrated Care System and Its Implication
    Challenges of Digital Society to Educational Practice and the Responses

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